Space Development Nexus (SDNx)

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SDNx, it's a trust cum consulting and collaborating partner for all the manufacturing/Trading companies in India and abroad dealing in Space Technology & collaborates to bring them on a common ground of research and collaboration for the common good humanity. SDNx founded by Sanjay Rathee because of a common desire for radical change to humanity. SDNx is designing a low cost small cubesat with scientific Payload and working for future plans.

What is the ultimate goal of SDNx?

SDNx goal to be, in short "Santa's Bag of Opportunities".

Space Colonization through a cooperative efforts.

How SDNx plans to set its feet in Space?

SDNx as a space collaborating partner has a sound name in India, SDNx contains a hub base of 500+ students and engineers, Researchers and Scientists having sound ideas to form and plant frequent space explorations so that Space technology and research becomes commercial sector all over the world, as SDNx knows that to travel our solar system even whole human being on earth are required, thus it becomes a task of over 100years, preparing complete mission and execution will take another 100 years if single space agencies operating in few countries put their combine effort, thus SDNx plans to put a revolutionary moment by engaging like-minded around the world with new innovation and creations in space technology and applying policies for green and clean earth.