21-23 February 2017
Venue:ACS College of Engineering, Bangalore, India

This Mars Summit 2017 is involve high-level political, agency, academic and industry participants from space-faring nations around the world for discussions of the benefits and challenges of international cooperation in space. Over the course of three days, summit participants will examine critical developments on issues related to Mars & space exploration challenges. This event is the second of what we hope will become an annual summit intended to focus on the future of international coordination and governance structures for space development and exploration.

This Mars Summit 2017 is endorsed by an increasing number of individuals from around the world, from governments and non-profit organizations, to start-ups, industry professionals, and academia.

On February 21th, questions of Mars exploration governance will be discussed, with a recommended emphasis on the international co-operations in Mars settlement projects. On the 22th, the summit will focus on Lunar & Earth Observation while examining the importance of Earth observations on a variety of national and international issues. This current state of cooperation, particularly in regard to the development of a variety of stakeholders in the audience, will extend well beyond the space community.

International leaders of the space society are invited to participate in the Mars Summit 2017. In this Mars Summit 2017, Bangalore. Those participating in this event are representatives from over 10 governments and more than 40 international organizations/universities. We welcome you to join us in inspiring the world to make the journey to Mars!

The Delegate registration fee for the Summit is $300 banquet (3 days), and participants will be responsible for their own transportation and accommodations. You can register for the Summit by email to, or by online as seating is limited for 1200 for conference delegates, we ask that you register as soon as possible to secure your seat. This invitation to the Summit is non-transferrable (except in limited circumstances).

Your expertise and experience in this field of Space Exploration and Development will be an excellent addition to our programme, talk as many of our visitors will look forward to hearing and learning from your work as we are aware of your great contribution to this field of Space Exploration and Development. The expected 5000 vistors from various engineering colleges & schools are going to visit the Mars Summit 2017. We also conducting the workshop on small satellite called CANSAT.

Please find for Exhibition details, Registration fees and sponsorship opportunities in details as mentioned in respective pages.

Additional information about the summit can be found at our website at should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or by phone at +91 7774022000